i lost my footing among the wild berry bushes
turns out they were just poison
flowing through my veins
and i laid among the men unable to move
waiting for the darkness to swallow me whole
but it was then that you picked me up
pulled the thorns from my flesh and kissed me tenderly.
it was there that the bushes budded and blossomed in your warmth
and i danced in your creation
turning from the rotting plant with your soil on my skin.

and i’ll dance for freedom
i’ll dance on the soil for redemption
and my feet will walk in
joy happiness and liberation
for we are carriers frolicking
over this fleeting world
freeing bondage with the breath
of our steps
the earth itself in jovial celebration
of the message being brought.
the very moon lighting our path
the trees holding their branches high
the grass holding it’s breath
with each step.

carriers of this world.

i just want a boy with a pony tail
that i can just look at real pretty
that i’ll twist in a knot and he’ll wear that bun on his head all day
a casual decision made when we woke up
just ours
that knot.

i wander the streets, avoiding them
eats till ring on my finger slips to the ground
a gift to the gutter, a gift to the city
the veins of which have broken me down
& I don’t believe him

morning is mocking me